God Taught Him English

By D. A. Delafield

Another miracle connected with the sale of a copy of The Great Controversy took place near Cordelia, California. An Adventist selling door to door sold an English copy of the book to a Catholic Italian immigrant farmer named Oberti. Although Oberti had learned to speak some English, he could not read the language. Oddly, knowing that he couldn’t read the book, he still accepted the delivered copy and paid for it. Oberti put The Great Controversy on a shelf in the kitchen of his little cabin and returned to work in his cherry orchard.

After dinner that evening he remembered the book. Deciding to look at the pictures, he took it down from the kitchen shelf and opened it. Turning to the frontispiece, he studied it, then flipped past the title page, the publishers’ preface, the introduction, the table of contents, and the list of illustrations, and finally came to the beginning of chapter one. Forgetting that the book was in English, he read the first page and continued on to the next. Suddenly he realized that he understood the English words. Interested in what Mrs. White had to say, he continued reading until he finished the chapter. He went to the second chapter and before many days finished the entire book. God had given him the ability to read the English language.

The ideas Oberti found in the book remained in his mind, and he accepted the teaching of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and joined it. He served as an officer in his local church for many years. In addition, from the day he first started reading The Great Controversy until the end of his life he could read English


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  1. Jerry Helper
    Jerry Helper says:

    Is this true? I mean, I’ve heard of stuff like this happening, but its kind of hard to believe that one single book could have so much of an impact on a life.

    • Sophia Jaquez
      Sophia Jaquez says:

      It’s true! And there are many more story’s of literature evangelism touching lives all over the world. Hopefully we can put more content up soon so that everyone can see how the Holy Spirit touches lives.


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