Ministry Over Christmas Break

Ever since the I did the summer Youth Rush my parents have been very nice to any door-to-door, canvassers no matter what they were doing or selling. So I’m sitting in my kitchen during Christmas break and someone comes to the door. I can hear what he’s saying, something along the lines of cracks in the basement floor and if he wanted us to check them. It was a weak canvass, he gave up before my mom gave him a full answer. Without thinking much about it I got up grabbed a bottle out of the fridge and a “Gift for You” GLOW and told my mom I would be back. It just kinda happened, it wasn’t a fully conscious thought. By the time I was out the door he was all the way down the street and I had to chase him down.

I got to him and handed him the water and GLOW. I told him “You know its cold, and you’re probably tired, so here you go. I do this work too so I know what it feels like.” He asked me what I did and where I went to school and I explained a little. He finally said, “You know, thank you so much. I’m not having a good day today. Today was my pity party day, I just decided to be down. Thank you for reminding me that I can sometimes not be a nice person at doors. And you know, Jesus is my Savior too (gesturing at the GLOW)”

“That’s awesome!” I told him, I was excited and asked him if he had anything he wanted me to pray for. He said, “Oh yeah! Pray for me, and my relationship with my daughter and my daughter’s mother and my current wife.” I said I would and asked if he wanted me to pray with him right now, he agreed. So here I am, praying with a grown man I just met in the middle of my street. He hugged me and thanked me. As I went back to my house I praised God, I was home
at the time, I praised Him for urging me to go to him, and I praised Him once again for letting me canvass this past summer. God is good!

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